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Event Schedule

This is the FINAL SCHEDULE for the Event





7:30-9:00         Ingress

                        Assembly of Event Organizers, Sponsors & Exhibitors

                        Technical Testing of all Equipments


10:00               Anime Parade

                        *From the Gymnasium up to NALRC

                        Program Start

                        Registration Starts for all contests.


                        Flag Ceremony

                        Opening Remarks


11:00               Introduction to Guest Speaker

                         Speech from the Guest Speaker


                        *Mr. Ranulf Goss

                                    “Philippine Animation in the modern times”

                        *Ms. Grace Dimaranan 

                                    “Comments or discuss about imporatance of Intellectual Property Rights ”

                        *Speech from the PUP President Dr. Dante Guevarra

                                    “Comment on the PINOY A*KO

                        *Intermission (Guest Band)

Announcement of Succeeding Events and Registration

            Contests are as follows:

        On-The Spot Drawing Contest (first 20 persons)

        Model Drawing Contest (first 20 persons)

        Coloring Contest  (Amateurs and Professional) (first 20 persons)

        Dubbing Contest (first 10 contestants)



12:00               End Registration for all drawing Contest

                        Assembly of drawing contest participants.

12:30               Drawing Competitions Start



1:00       Lunch Break 

                        * End Registration for cosplay.

*Showing of all the Teasers.

*Time allotted for the all-contest.

*Call time of all COS Players.


2:00                 COS Play (Players/Contestants is 120)

                        Entry of all COS Players

        Each Player given 20 sec. Anime-Skit of there Portrayed Char.

        First Batch 

        Second Batch 

        Intermission (COC mover’s in motion)

        Third Batch 

        Fourth Batch 

        Intermission (COC mover’s in motion with organizers doing modeling ramping)

        Last Batch 

        Intermission (Guest Band)


4:30                 Announcement of the other Contest winners for:


        On-The Spot Drawing Contest

        Model Drawing Contest

        Coloring Contest 

        Dubbing Contest

        COS Play Contest



5:00 – 5:15       Closing Remarks and Acknowledgements


5:15              Egress

        Pulling out of Sponsors Equipments.

        Pulling out of other production materials.

        Post Production Evaluation.






*end of program*

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